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Message VALRÉAS, France

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Presentation & Biography

Born in 1951, this Frenchman of Catalan origin, was brought up in the Alger area. The Algerian War, its horror visions turned a happy childhood into a necessary departure in 1963 for a French new life.
Since then, his whole life would only be grieving, leaving, rebuilding but also great passions.
Despite the fog of Bordeaux , he'll keep the Mediterranean sun in his heart.
At the age of 20, his hopes to become a professional footballer will be destroyed by a serious car accident.
In his life as in his paintings, darkness and light have always been a main part of his background.
Self-taught painter, engineer as a feeding need, he's lived for 20 years in the south of France, always been tied between a Cartesian and a spiritual duality, he humbly recognizes " the Women of his life" taught him everything.
All alone in front of his white board, he experiments new techniques to extract from the depth of his imaginary world the warmest colors, sometimes violent, as his life.
His work, born from his dreams and his love for life is an invitation to an inner travel.
He is registered at the "Maison des Artistes" under the number M640523.


The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2018 Chapelle des Vieux Garçons Valréas, France

2009 Espace ANVIS Visan, France

2005 Galerie Arcanes Valréas, France

Collective Expositions

2018 Château de Simiane Valréas, France

2015 Invité d'honneur Tulette, France

2009 Les Grands Maîtres de Demain - Carrousel de Louvre Paris, France

2008 Biennale d'Art Contemporain New York, United States

2008 Salon d'Automne Sorèze, France

2008 Salon International Béziers, France

2007 Salon d'Automne Sorèze, France

2007 Salon International Béziers, France