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Les oiseaux sauveurs - Digital Arts ©2018 by MedBerkane -  
    Conceptual Art, Paper, Animals
Les oiseaux sauveurs - Digital Arts ©2018 by MedBerkane - Conceptual Art, Paper, Animals
© MedBerkane

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NY, United States

Les oiseaux sauveurs
Digital Arts

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About this artwork

Digital Painting ~ Paper

Related themes: Digital Arts, Digital Painting, Conceptual Art, Paper, Animals
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Comments 7

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Darko Jevtovic Portrait Darko Jevtovic     Kraljevo, Serbia  


Ludovic JACCOUD Portrait Ludovic JACCOUD     Switzerland  


Evy Lezynski Portrait Evy Lezynski     France  

Between Magritte and Dali... the kind of surrealism ideas i'd like to paint. But why not use the computer to draw it ! What do you use on comp to paint ? i had Paint Shop Pro. I did few infographies with it but this website allow only 10 paintings to post. And i thank you for adding me to your favorits ... i try to work more and it helps ;-). Have good painting time ! Respect. E. L.

natacha ribet Portrait natacha ribet     France  

beau travail !!

La Folie aux Trousses Portrait La Folie aux Trousses     France  

J'aime beaucoup !!

Sophie Thiry Portrait Sophie Thiry     France  

Bravo, magnifique : it's like a dream !!

Martin Ashkhatoev Portrait Martin Ashkhatoev     Georgia  

A wonderful picture