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Working with wood is something special, you never know how the finished product will look

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Marian Bogatu was born in Romania in 1973 Inspired by nature and a lover of beauty, he started working with wood in 2017

He is fascinated by the uniqueness of the shapes and colors that intertwine together 

Because he's grew up in the country, he's learned to love nature and the colors it offers us

After a long experience in the events industry, the artist decided to move to the country and create unique sculptures from very old roots, trunks or tree branches.He is attracted to abstract art and wood carvingHe inherited his love for wood from his great-grandfather, Ilie Bojoi, who was the sculptor of the commune and gave life to numerous wooden works of art, which were purchased by the boyars of those times in Radovanu commune and in the vicinity of the commune, where he lived. life with the wife of Maritza, who was the seamstress of the village, or the fashion designer of those times, being very appreciated by the ladies from the village and the surroundings.


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