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Zagreb, Croatia

Member since Dec 21, 2013
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Painting, photography, the beauty of nature ... are a reflection of my soul and my strength in life.

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Marija Sviličić - Painting, Drawing, Digital Arts, Photography
Zagreb, Croatia

 My talent for drawing and painting was recognized in very early years by a professor of fine art who exhibited my paintings not only in our school but also outside. But despite the many talents: - painting, music (solo singing), different roles in the puppet theatre, writing poetry, I had to choose a different kind of schooling. And it was mostly because from the art it is very hard to live. Which means, to get, after school, a good job and financial independence. This has created a completely different dimension in my life. Painting, poetry and other branches of art continued to play a major role in my life since creativity and beauty in the creation an artwork is the greatest gift we can get. That's my way, strength and meaning of life. Artmajeur has given me exceptional opportunities, besides exhibiting my artwork, it is giving me security, encouraging me to paint as much as possible, to find new directions and techniques in painting (digital painting) as well as in photography. But I myself, as a person, am always ready for new challenges.

  “Artmajer's blog (15th November 2017) Creativity: user manual The great enemies of the creative are fatigue and stress, the search for perfection, specialization, the "academic" spirit, the routine and the lack of openness to the world. Creating something that has never existed requires enthusiasm, experimentation and a detachment of knowledge and the past. It's an open, free-spirited attitude that feeds on everything and is driven by challenges”.

  I am a member of the Association of artists Vjekoslav Majer settled in Zagreb. Apart from exhibiting my paintings, I was given the opportunity to publish my book of poetry "Winds of Life".  Exhibition Group 9.4.2019. - Slovak national minority (Slovačka nacionalna manjina) town Zagreb, Croatia.


French impressionist Claude Monet

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Marija Sviličić

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