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My name is Margarita and I am an artist from Ukraine.
In my life, I have two big passions: painting and music. I am a professional composer, having studied composition in the renowned Lviv Music Academy (Ukraine). In parallel, since my childhood I always painted. I learnt early how to draw and how to use different paints. While studying in Special Music School prior to Music Academy, I also became keenly interested in cultural and art history and studied artistic heritage of various masters. I also believe that it is essential to be able to have a dialogue with other contemporary artists. It is often from such artistic encounters I draw my inspiration. In my life, painting and music became closely interwoven. I do believe the color has its sound, its tone and overtone. When painting, one can think about creating melodies with colors. Both musical pieces and paintings have their own structure, their own main tones, main lines, their rhythm, main movements, key emotional mood. As composers can “paint” in music, the same is with painters – their paintings can vibrate with the music of colors. Overall, in my art, with the interplay of colors and vibration of shades, I try to bring to light my belief that the most valuable thing about art that it reveals beauty. Transcendent Beauty that illuminates our path to happiness…

2015 Participation in the exhibition "Alternatives-33, Poland
2016-2017 Participation in the exhibition "The Epoch of Masters" Poland-Ukraine.
2017 Exhibition "Autumn", Białystok, Poland.
2017 Exhibition "Winter", Białystok, Poland
2017 Exhibition "Hidden Beauty-Barlinek 2017", Poland
2018 Exhibition "price of freedom". BiaŁystok, Poland
2018 Exhibition «City on easel» Gorishni Plavni Ukraine


1997-2002 The Music Academy Lviv, Ukraine
Витязь Маргарита

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