Marc Mugnier

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Gemeaux, France


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Gemeaux, France

Member since Jan 7, 2012
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"Marc Mugnier is an artist of material imagination, this recent conquest of Non-figurative art. He however uses archetypal shapes, those which are deeply inscribed in the human psyche and which correspond to tendencies, revealed or not, of Nature nurturing. Art as nature... Adding to nature ... Creating « works » that Nature never imagined... The action’s scope is hence unlimited, and the artist has so to invent his own method each time. Never before has art been so close to the secrets of our little planet, making its rhythms and shapes sing. In the open air."

Jean-Clarence Lambert (February 2013).

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Certification 2016 : €1,000.00 ($1,118.80)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Jun 13, 2016.