Mahirwan Mamtani

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Vilgertshofen, Germany

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Dear Mahirwan ! Since years I think, it would be great to meet you finally again ! Now Rossana, my wife and mexican painter, and me, Marc are coming again to Munich. We will be there the 29th or 30th of april. If you are in Munich and feel like meeting with us, then please send me your tell., address and mail. I find your painting off the last years very strong and good !! About our work you find indications in I hope till soon !!! With best greetings ! Marc & Rossana

Kuhn Marc Switzerland | Apr 22, 2014

I very much enjoy your work: sophisticated imagery with a touch of humor.

John Antoine United States | Oct 20, 2012

Sir, edy wady platform ty sindhi artists khy disi dadhi khushi pai thiye, hitty waqai mushkil aa agty wadhr hik artist lae... kafi challenges face krna tha pawan.... Best Wishes With you.

Sindhi Panama | Feb 24, 2012

complimenti & liebe Grüsse

mariella Georgia | Nov 24, 2011

Like the optical pleasure and I think harmony and peace - maybe? Kind regards, Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas United Kingdom | Jun 28, 2008

Sehr geehrter Herr Mahirwan Mamtani Sie schaffen unverwechselbare Kunstwerke! Besonders ansprechend sind die geometrischen Symetrien. Ich werde sie nicht vergessen. Alles Gute für Ihre Zukunft. Seien Sie herzlichst gegrüßt Roland Rafael Repczuk

Roland Rafael Repczuk Hanerau Hademarschen, Germany | Jan 24, 2008

Salve Mahirwan, complimenti per il suo lavoro che trovo veramente interessante sotto molti aspetti. Se le interesserebbe fare una mostra in sicilia posso aiutarla. mi faccia sapere Best regard Antonio

Antonio Sammartano Trapani, Italy | Dec 19, 2007

Hello Mahirwan, There is a unity in your work which i really like - and with age, they are just getting better and free-er. Did anyone ever before think of juxteposing Mandala´s with foot-players or the bottle?

gul | Jun 5, 2007

Hello Mahirwan, Your artwork is awesome! Ofelia

Ofelia Uz Gonzalez Texas, United States | Apr 15, 2007

16.5x18.9 in ©2007 by Mahirwan Mamtani
©2007 Mahirwan Mamtani
Oriental Family - Painting, 16.5x18.9 in ©2007 by Mahirwan Mamtani -

Ein Sensationelles Erlebnis diese Eindrucksvolle Kompositionen ist ein Erlebnis Bravo!

N.A. Dietzen Germany | Mar 19, 2018

31.5x43.3 in ©2003 by Mahirwan Mamtani
©2003 Mahirwan Mamtani
Beer Goddess - Painting, 31.5x43.3 in ©2003 by Mahirwan Mamtani -

Kunst die mich Begeistert Bravo Mahirwan!

N.A. Dietzen Germany | Mar 19, 2018