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Member since Jan 22, 2016
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Perfectly self-taught: independent by nature, I learned the craft, alone but with my easel, by tenacity, passion ... and self-criticism.

I had to reinvent by empiricism the techniques of the great painters, to experiment endlessly the mixtures of colors,contrasts,shadows and lights.

I gradually personalized my work using pure, superimposed, fluid colors on patterned relief structures.

My nature spontaneously led me to the curve, my subjects of predilection were from the beginning focused on female models.

Nudes, portraits or still lives, my works carry an undeniable imprint of femininity.

I share a large workshop with Alexandre Barbera-Ivanoff, close to Paris

Don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment, you'll have 2 painters to visit


Degas, Lautrec, Brueghel, Tiepolo

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Certification 2018 : €1,800.00 ($1,960.92)
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Isabel Mahe

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