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Jesús Tejedor, inspired by the reading of an article, a book or a piece of music

Artists Portraits • 8 minutes read
Jesús Tejedor decided to dedicate himself to art at the age of four, when he painted a nude that his family censored. From that moment on, his interest in art was kindled...

Alex Loskutov, computer collages

Artists Portraits • 5 minutes read
Alex Loskutov's figurative investigation, belonging to the computer collage pointillism style, is distinguished by the unprecedented technique resulting from the "assemblage" of car license plates or music albums...

Oleg Grachev, collages' irony

Interview • 3 minutes read
The ironic and paradoxical collages of Oleg Grachev are intended to show the dynamism, beauty, unexpectedness and elegance of the world...

SEKHMET: There is beauty in everything

Artists Portraits • 3 minutes read
Very close to the beautiful town of Saumur, on the banks of the Loire, there is a forest like no other. Let's meet a different artist.


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