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Advertising in Art

advertising • Nov 25, 2021 • 6 minutes read
Art and advertising have combined since the second industrial revolution, generating works and artistic currents that have revolutionized both the world of art and that of marketing. But when was this fruitful association born and how has it evolved over the centuries?

Shopping depicted in art

telemaco signorini • Nov 23, 2021 • 6 minutes read
Christmas is just around the corner, and with it, the shopping spree! But what relationship does art have with commerce? Some works of art have certainly represented a precious testimony of the evolution, occurred during the centuries, of the modalities of sale and of advertisement of consumer goods...

We finally discovered the skulls of our favorite cartoons

Lifestyle • Nov 8, 2021 • 2 minutes read
Filip Hodas has created realistic illustrations depicting what cartoon characters' skulls would look like if they had anatomically correct cranial structures. He began a year-long daily render project in 2015 to build an online following and is now one of the most well-known 3D artists.

Incredible installations made with books from the artist's librar!

Art News • 2 minutes read
Elisabet Sagan and his best friend, @jamestrevino, used their extensive library to build the complicated book structures you see on their accounts. Elizabeth has 195,000 Instagram followers who enjoy her work with book installations.

5 Most Emblematic Artworks of Pop Art

Art History • 6 minutes read
Come on board with us to discover 5 artworks that laid the foundations of an innovative and still profoundly current artistic movement: today, it's Pop!

The renewal of the portrait: exceptional portraits to discover urgently!

Tips for Collectors • 2 minutes read
Long official practice, the portrait has gradually fallen into oblivion. As it evolves, the portrait becomes less and less academic and opens up to new forms and styles of art such as digital art or street art.

Pop art or how popular culture became an actual "style"

Art History • 3 minutes read
Popular art or "pop art" asserted itself by taking the opposite of abstract expressionism (action painting by Jackson Pollock, colorfield painting by Mark Rothko ...) considered too academic, esoteric and elitist.


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