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Rhythm of flamenco

Flamenco • 8 minutes read
This narrative tells, through the evocative images of some well-known masterpieces of art, a figurative story built on a climax of passion...

Top 10: Still life with flowers

Flower • 12 minutes read
My ranking of still lifes with flowers brings together all those, which, in my opinion, have been the most iconic and "commercial" works of the aforementioned genre, which I have arranged within a narrative in descending order, aimed at culminating in the symbol par excellence of the subject...

Henri Matisse

Art History • 15 minutes read
Matisse's style was characterized by the use of bright and intense colors, as well as simplified forms and strong outlines. He was influenced by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists, but he also developed his own technique of using color to create dynamic shapes and movement in his paintings.


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