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A man paid $ 30 for a drawing worth $ 50 million!

Art News • Nov 23, 2021 • 3 minutes read
A Massachusetts man paid $30 for a drawing. It could be a genuine Dürer worth $50 million. The artwork is now on display at Agnews Gallery, which is looking for purchasers. A former curator of German Prints and Drawings at The British Museum agrees the drawing is genuine. Experts believe it is a copy of Dürer's The Virgin among a multitude of animals.

Samuel Dougados, beach art world champion

Artist Portrait • 1 minutes read
Since 2007, Samuel Dougados is the first artist to make sand drawings, which last what a low tide lasts.

An Andy Warhol valued at $ 20,000 for sale for only $ 250

Art News • 4 minutes read
MSCHF, a collective of artists, has pulled another prank. Original Andy Warhol drawing being sold alongside 999 high-quality forgeries. Collectors will be able to purchase one of the 1,000 pieces starting Monday for $250. MSCHF seeks to make Warhol's art available to those who might not otherwise be able to buy it.

FBI arrests artist Christian Rosa accused of selling fakes of Raymond Pettibon

Art News • 4 minutes read
A Federal Indictment Christian Rosa was charged with attempting to defraud art buyers by selling four pieces allegedly created by Raymond Pettibon.

Muhammad Ali, a boxer but also a contemporary artist who is worth a million dollars today

Art News • 2 minutes read
A recent auction sold 26 of Muhammad Ali's rare works for almost $1 million. The total sale price was $945,524, which was three times the appraisers' expectations. Fans were taken aback when Bonhams shared Ali's artwork on Instagram.

Native American sacred cave auctioned for over $ 2 million

Art News • 4 minutes read
A private cave containing more than 1,000-year-old Native American artwork was auctioned off in Missouri. Auctioneer refused to reveal the identity of the winner. Osage Nation leaders had hoped to purchase the land to "protect and preserve our most sacred site".

A network of counterfeiters of Francis Bacon paintings dismantled by the Italian police

Art News • 2 minutes read
500 designs and collages purported by the Irish artist Francis Bacon have been seized by the Italian authorities.

JESSICA NODIN: Madness, absurdity, lightness

Artists Portraits • 3 minutes read
Jessica Nodin draws and writes, playing with forms as with words, to take advantage of the absurdities of language, images and ultimately of existence itself. The absurd demands to be treated seriously.

JIRI HAVLIK: Simplicity and efficiency

Artists Portraits • 2 minutes read
Slender women, naked or in swimsuits rub shoulders with riders, butterflies and landscapes with clean lines. Simplicity and efficiency are the hallmarks of this artist!


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