Jérôme Royer, artistic freedom

Jérôme Royer, artistic freedom

Olimpia Gaia Martinelli | Apr 30, 2022 4 minutes read 0 comments

The gestures that generate Jérôme Royer's paintings, derived from the martial arts, are part of a creative impulse in which the artist plays with unpredictability...

What inspired you to create works of art and to become an artist? (events, feelings, experiences...)

Although I had a great ease in drawing, I had never thought of making a career out of it. It was by posting a few drawings on Instagram that people pushed me to continue.

What is your artistic background, the techniques and subjects you have experimented with so far?

I started with pencil, then colored pencils, then I discovered watercolor pencils and to my surprise I found it very simple. From that moment I said to myself let's go and try watercolor painting. Watercolor is very simple and intuitive for me, so I decided to try acrylic and oil. And now with all the new technologies I also do 3D modeling

What are the 3 aspects that differentiate you from other artists, making your work unique?

What makes my work unique are:

  • artistic freedom, I don't give myself any limits.
  • The gesture, My paintings come from a gesture linked to martial arts.
  • Letting go, I let the unpredictable come and I play with it. I do not premeditate or anticipate the painting, I discuss with it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Man and the universe, the structure of matter and our view of reality

What is your artistic approach? What visions, sensations or feelings do you want to evoke in the viewer?

Painting is one of my forms of meditation. I work on colors and light.

I can …

Take inspiration from a model who appeals to me with her beauty, her attitude, her gaze… and integrate her into an unexpected universe. Or conversely start by working on colors or textures and see a face appear.

I create a universe where shape and color interact. In my portraits I seek to question the viewer. Like Rorschach images, what the viewer sees is not what I painted but what their unconscious sees.

What is the process of creating your works? Spontaneous or with a long preparatory process (technical, inspiration from art classics or other)?

My creative process is very intuitive, I like to take a kind of journey between the conscious and the unconscious and let things fall into place. My painting is inspired by pointillism.

Do you use a particular working technique? if so, can you explain it?

The basis of my work consists in moistening the support, putting touches of ink and letting the ink disperse. Without anticipating and without premeditating the form, I look for a face by letting myself be guided.

Are there any innovative aspects in your work? Can you tell us which ones?

The innovative side is not to look for the new but for the essence. It is the missing link between the figurative and the abstract.

Do you have a format or medium that you are most comfortable with? if yes, why ?

My favorite supports are 300grs minimum paper for the texture and 25F canvases for the size.

Where do you produce your works? At home, in a shared workshop or in your own workshop? And in this space, how do you organize your creative work?

I have a workshop but I mostly paint in my dedicated space at home. It allows me to paint whenever I feel the need and at any time.

Does your work lead you to travel to meet new collectors, for fairs or exhibitions? If so, what does it bring you?

I travel a lot in France for different shows, it allows me to meet people and thus develop my art.

How do you imagine the evolution of your work and your career as an artist in the future?

I have no limit, currently I work 3d modeling, 3d printing sculptures, I like to create so everything I can discover new, I test.

What is the theme, style or technique of your latest artistic production?

My last production was a little special, I called it out of frame, this series consists of representing the legs of known fictional characters.

Can you tell us about your most important exhibition experience?

The most important was the premiere of a fair, I think every artist has experienced this feeling: do I belong here, am I too expensive, not expensive enough… and then the first visitors and the first good return. Confidence arrives and finally we feel in our place!

If you could have created a famous work in the history of art, which one would you choose? And why ?

I would have liked to be the first man / woman to have drawn in the caves, just to see the reaction of my congeners!

If you could invite one famous artist (dead or alive) to dinner, who would it be? How would you suggest he spend the evening?

Francis Bacon and I will suggest that he spend the evening with the first painting of the triptych...

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