Isabelle Pelletane, the passion for color

Isabelle Pelletane, the passion for color

Anne Devailly | Nov 18, 2021 1 minutes read

Isabelle Pelletane paints in series with a visible physical commitment that the artist puts into her work.


Isabelle Pelletane paints in series: bouquets of flowers, more naive and pop flowers, but also tangled calligraphy. In all cases, the instinctive side of the painting dominates: the brushstrokes are lively and spontaneous and allow drips to invade the canvas, a sign of the physical commitment that the artist puts in his work.


This work, between abstract expressionism and urban art, is also characterized by its palette, which the artist chooses resolutely harmonious and if possible joyful. “The canvas is like a garden, in which I sow seeds of colors, a virgin territory in which I cultivate new creations, according to my inspirations. I like acrylic to flow, slide, trace, splash, and compose another material. It is a real breeding ground, sparks of life, a space of freedom. I am always so amazed with each creation, at what we can create with colors. It is exciting !"


Born about fifty years ago in the Paris region, Isabelle Pelletane grew up in the Landes forest before settling in Poitiers. After studying psychology, she self-taught different creative techniques before stopping at painting in 1992. Personal exhibition planned for 2022 at the Azur gallery in SPA (Belgium)

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