Ibrahim Unal, I am a self-taught artist candidate

Ibrahim Unal, I am a self-taught artist candidate

Olimpia Gaia Martinelli | Mar 11, 2023 5 minutes read 0 comments

"My recent works mainly consist of drawings. I adapted a technique used by photographers to my works and I am trying to improve it".

What inspired you to create art and become an artist? (events, feelings, experiences...)

My interest and talent for art dates back to my youth. A non-art education and professional life kept me away from art. But talents appear in people sooner or later. Evaluating this ability depends on one's will and effort.

While looking at the painting I bought to decorate our new house, I decided to become a painter. I said I can make an oil painting like this. I was fifty!!

What is your artistic background, the techniques and subjects you have experimented with so far?

I started painting with oil paints in 2014. I didn't get the training for this job. Like most amateur artists, I thought it would start with excitement and finish after a few tries. But with the support of my relatives, friends, some picture galleries and social media, I continued. I tried many techniques to see my own limits. I studied the works of masters.

My recent works mainly consist of drawings. I adapted a technique used by photographers to my works and I am trying to improve it.

What are the 3 aspects that differentiate you from other artists, making your work unique?

I am a self-taught artist candidate.

We cannot be in the same league with master artists who have devoted their years and efforts to art.

With the comfort and courage of amateurism, I sometimes do beautiful and surprising works.

I can also create popular works with single colors and simple materials.

While working, I sometimes create works by thinking like an engineer rather than an artist.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration can be a photograph, a word, a book, works of other artists, people and nature.

What is your artistic approach? What visions, sensations or feelings do you want to evoke in the viewer?

Like every artist, I would like to have a special and remarkable style. I would also like to try different styles suitable for the subject of the painting.

I want to make people wonder, surprise and make them smile with my work. Let them be partners in my dreams.

What is the process of creating your works? Spontaneous or with a long preparatory process (technical, inspiration from art classics or other)?

I believe in muses. Muses come when one is alone.

When I focus on painting, photos, a word, a sentence, imagination become my source of inspiration. While living my daily life, I look around me like an artist and it's like I'm living inside a painting.

Do you use a particular work technique? if so, can you explain it?

Finding a topic is important to me. What materials and techniques will be used in the study? What did others do about it, how did they do it? I seek answers to these questions. After I start working, I want the work to be finished as soon as possible.

Are there any innovative aspects in your work? Can you tell us which ones?

I do not claim to be innovative. I like to make small differences and touches in my work.

Do you have a format or medium that you are most comfortable with? if yes, why ?

Oil paint was my first choice. Then acrylic and drawing became indispensable for me. I like to use small size canvas and paper.

Where do you produce your works? At home, in a shared workshop or in your own workshop? And in this space, how do you organize your creative work?

I produce my works in a corner of the house. As the number of my jobs increases and for larger jobs I will have to look for a different location.

Does your work lead you to travel to meet new collectors, for fairs or exhibitions? If so, what does it bring you?

I participated in a few exhibitions in my country, it was a different experience and source of motivation for me. Due to the pandemic, the fairs were suspended. This caused me a reluctance and laziness. For now, I share my work in the digital environment.

How do you imagine the evolution of your work and your career as an artist in the future?

I could not have predicted that this business, which started as an amateur hobby, would come to this place. I receive exhibition invitations from galleries and my work is sold abroad. Being noticed among thousands of artists on a platform like Artmajeur and my work coming to the fore is a great success.

I want to improve myself and do different studies in the future.

What is the theme, style or technique of your latest artistic production?

My latest work is beach themed, monochrome and line art style.

In this work, reality turns into a virtual world with black and white lines that provide optical depth and illusion.

Can you tell us about your most important exhibition experience?

The first exhibition was very important to me. I was going to do this job as an artist candidate, not as a hobby anymore.

If you could have created a famous work in the history of art, which one would you choose? And why ?

It would be Johannes Vermeer's painting Girl With a Pearl Earring.

This painting is a fascinating, daring and enigmatic work.

If you could invite one famous artist (dead or alive) to dinner, who would it be? How would you suggest he spend the evening?

I used to have a dinner with Vincent Willem van Gogh. I would like to hear from him his works and life story that influenced me a lot.

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