Barbara Kroll, The Play with Color and Composition

Barbara Kroll, The Play with Color and Composition

Olimpia Gaia Martinelli | Mar 22, 2023 2 minutes read 0 comments

"Following the motto "less is more" - simplicity, expressiveness, composition as well as color."

What inspired you to create art and become an artist? (Events, feelings, experiences...)

Playing with color and composition.

What is your artistic background, what techniques and themes have you experimented with so far?

With all the techniques that allow me to paint picture

What 3 aspects distinguish you from other artists and make your work unique?

Following the motto "less is more" - simplicity, expressiveness, composition as well as color.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from everyday life. 

What is your artistic approach? What visions, sensations or feelings do you want to evoke in the viewer?

I want to appeal to all viewers of everyday life.

What is the process of creation of your works? Spontaneous or with a long preparation process (technical, inspiration from art classics or other)?

Sometimes spontaneous, sometimes after long preparation, depends on theme.

Do you use a particular working technique? if so, can you explain it?

My works are a mix of drawing and painting. Depending on the subject ...

Are there innovative aspects in your work? Can you tell us which ones?

Some say that everything has been done before. I am of the opinion that I am not able to create something innovative.  Although I would very much like to ...

Do you have a format or medium that you feel most comfortable with? if so, why?

Alberto Giacometti said, "Drawing is the basis of everything."

Where do you produce your works? At home, in a shared workshop, or in your own workshop? And how do you organize your creative work in this space?

At home in my studio, where I usually paint ten hours a day.

Does your work lead you to travel to meet new collectors, for fairs or exhibitions? If so, what does it bring you?

I like to exhibit very much, but thanks to the Internet today it is possible to be "visible" everywhere.

How do you envision your work and career as an artist developing in the future?

Not much will change.

What is the theme, style or technique of your latest artistic production?

Bright and interesting colors.

Can you tell us about your most important fair experience?

A collector from Kazakhstan bought my painting at an art fair in Frankfurt.

If you could have created a famous work of art history, which one would you choose? And why?

I stick to my art.

If you could invite a famous artist (dead or alive) to dinner, who would it be? How would you suggest he spend the evening?

Paul Klee

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