Artmajeur magazine N ° 19 Fall 2021

Artmajeur magazine N ° 19 Fall 2021

NICOLAS SARAZIN | Oct 12, 2021 1 minutes read

Contents of this issue:

  • Karen axikyan
  • Musical instruments
  • Canada
  • Isabelle Pelletane
  • Textile art
  • Ansatasia Kuznetsova ...


Pleasure of the senses

Art is intimately linked to the senses: the pleasure of seeing when it comes to plastic art, but also the pleasure of hearing for the music, to touch, to smell, and possibly to taste. And often art lovers can be wowed by both their ears and their eyes. Therefore, it is not surprising that music has often been a popular theme in painting. Artmajeur has decided for this issue to highlight this confrontation of hearing and sight by devoting one of its themes to works on musical instruments, and another to textile art, which reconciles sight and touch. Color is also featured in this issue with two other selections. The first relates to Canada. A country that particularly seduces with its colors during its famous Indian summers which conclude the summer and announce the fall. And finally, to show that everyone wants to end two trying years and move on to new horizons, nothing better than a few colorful portraits to celebrate life and the joy of living once again.

Happy reading everyone!
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