A Photographer in Nigeria Unveils the Truth and incredible secret About His Photos

A Photographer in Nigeria Unveils the Truth and incredible secret About His Photos

Jean Dubreil | Oct 11, 2021 2 minutes read

Nigerian photographer Ibor Edosa Victor shares behind-the-scenes photos of his work. Shows how he takes photos on a "low budget" or in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Has over 209k Instagram followers and shows fans how to get the perfect shot.

What tools does one require to take a superb photograph?.. That entirely depends on the individual: some want a great camera, others a perfect location, while others are more concerned with the angle or lighting of their photo.. However, for Nigerian photographer Ibor Edosa Victor, it's not just about the surroundings; it's about the vision and how to make the most of what's in front of him.

Ibor, who has over 209k Instagram followers, demonstrates to his devotees that great photos can be taken with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The photographer is happy to show his audience what goes on behind the scenes of his photos, and they seem to enjoy it! Seeing how such photos are taken in real time intrigues some of his fans even more than his unique approach to photography itself.

Photographing was something he did because he was bored, not because he loved it However, it evolved into a hobby over time. The good, the bad, the sad, and the happy moments that come and go inspire him to take photographs."

Ibor will go to incredible lengths to get the perfect shot, and that's saying something. Even when the conditions aren't ideal for taking pictures—like in low light—he still manages to capture interesting images by getting creative with his compositions. The photos from behind the scenes aren't the most enticing, but they prove that if the photographer hadn't shared the images, no one would have known about the staging.

Ibor appears to enjoy demonstrating how he takes photos on a "low budget" or in what might be considered a less-than-ideal location. Taking all of this into consideration shows that there are no excuses for failing to capture a shot that was intended! Even if one tries hard enough, ideas can come to life with practice and a little imagination.

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