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Jemeppe Sur Sambre, Belgium


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Member since May 30, 2011
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L'art est une formidable ouverture pour l'âme

Presentation & Biography

Artistic process

As a passionate woman, I am constantly evolving. The various courses and workshops that I followed, and that I am still taking led me to a search of the shapes and especially the colors which I have studied the components and their use through oil painting.

My attraction for this one is the infinite possibilities that it provides at the level of textures and mixtures, the various tones, the successive layers with recipes of mediums used by the old masters who allow me to develop my personal technique to create the atmosphere in which I give life to the subject for the most harmonious possible depiction in my paintings.

I discovered in the practice of the oil painting a way to realize me and to communicate. Large formats give me a freedom of sought expression and my vision of things.

Every painting represents for me the beginning of an adventure and a new challenge. I see a way there of sharing my joy of life and my love for the nature, it's her who attracts me most with her various colors in different seasons.


2004 to 2014 – training course in painting, aesthetic analysis and art history at the Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium)

2014 – training course in architectural course and drawing in figurative and models class at the Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium)

2018 – training course in drawing class at the Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium) at Charles Szymkowicz workshop.

2006, a workshop at the "Moulin de Perrot" in Gilhac-et-Bruzac (France) with the French painter, Stéphane RUAIS.

2007, a workshop at the studio the "Niocraux" in Marangea (France) with the Dutch painter, Cornelis DE VOOGT.

2009, workshop with the Italian landscape painter, Lorenzo RAPPELLI, (France).

2015 – workshop with the famous Russian painter, Vladimir VOLEGOV, at "Le Glandier" in Villeherviers (France).

Diplomas et certificates

2010 - Certificate of graphic and pictorial research in painting with the painters Pierre DEBATTY and Joël FONTAINE - Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium)
2012 - Certificate of graphic and pictorial research in drawing with the painter Charles SZYMKOWICZ - Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium)
2014 – Diploma of artistic education in juin 2014 at the studio of painting of Pierre DEBATTY and Joël FONTAINE - Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium).
2014 – Diploma in art history – lecturer : Bernard DE WIL - Fine Arts Academy in Charleroi (Belgium)
2018 – Diploma of the Art Science and Litterature Academy in Paris (France)


Monet, corot, hopper, magritte, kandinsky, van gogh


2004-2020 Peinture-Histoire de l'Art-Dessin Charleroi, Belgium
Busellato MA

The artist at work


2018 Diplômée de l'Académie des Arts Sciences et Lettres Paris, France

2014 Diplômée de l'Académie des Beaux-Arts Belgium

Solo Expositions

2017 Administration Communale Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Belgium

2017 Wallonie bienvenue Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Belgium

2017 Liquids Room - The Labyrinth Venise, Italy

2016 Eglise de Mornimont Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Belgium

Collective Expositions

2018 Gallerie Thuillier paris, France

2017 Reg-Arts Gilly, Belgium