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I grew up on a mixed farm, until I went to high school aged 11 in the Wimmera district in Victoria Australia. At high school, unable to timetable both Art and Math, I studied the latter by correspondence in the school library. I was not very disciplined and spent most of my time looking through Art books. Later, I completed a Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), and a Graduate Diploma (Sculpture). Wanting to travel, I gained further qualifications in teaching, linguistics, and languages.

My work is largely auto-biographical and incorporates elements of my history and my future goals – even before I am consciously aware of these goals or historical references myself. I am currently drawing with a variety of mark-making media, and painting in both acrylic and oils.

I believe that practice, and physiological and mental predispositions, combined with life and incidental circumstances, confirm the direction and so-called talent of any individual. As humans who have evolved and endured, we sought patterns in nature which helped our species to survive. Now we revive those patterns in our culture. We see relationships everywhere; in nature, mathematics, science, storytelling, music and in the visual arts etc. We often are unconsciously aware of these patterns.


lucien freud, bouguereau, jeffrey smart