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I was born 16.2 1983 in Vaasa, Finland. I grew up in an artistic surrounding my father being a portrait painter.
I started painting seriously at 18 years old, and I´ve had 16 exhibitions of my own since that. Closest to my heart is portrait painting but I´m constantly working on new ways to express myself visually.

In te last 6 years I have also developed myself in other areas. I am working as a tattoo artist at Beauty Bay, Vaasa, Finland.

The step to start tattooing my art wasn´t far.....and I´m loving it. My goal is to become a really good portrait tattoo artist and pursue my journey as a fine artist same time.

I am a mother of two girls and my husband is a very skillful sculptor. Our children grow up like I did, surrounded by artistic talking and creativity. I´m happy to watch their interest in it, but I don+ t want to impact them too much. I want them to feel free to choose what they want in life.

I could be called a workaholic. Most days I work 10-12 hours and enjoy every moment of it, constantly getting new ideas and ways of pursuing them. I love my work !!!
And instead of being ashamed of being away from home a lot I keep a constant conversation with my children, and I hope I´m being a good example for them in having big drams, ambition and never, ever giving up.

I have thrown away at least 90% of my works, I´m learning through trial and error....and what I´ve learned is that the most important thing you need when you create is to have a vision. To dare having a vision and believe in it. That´s often when people give up, because they lost their vision half way. Close your eyes - see it - do it - if you forget it, close your eyes again. Only your own truth will come out in its purest form. And that´s what you want to do. Nothing else. When you choose to work like this, things will fall into place.