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Press release

4.12 2007

The next exhibition is getting closer every day - it will take place in Helsinki, () the 8th of January til the 2d of February. I have been sick, and I ´ve been stressed about it, but now I feel fine and I still have some time to finish everything and make it as good as possible. Also, I will be 8 months pregnant at the time of the opening! Let´s just hope that the little one will stay inside til after the exhibition :)

June 2007

I can hardly believe it - the amount of visitors on my page is now over 100.000. And this is in one year. Thank you so much.Note: on l.jakobsson you can purchase high-quality prints of several of my artworks.

The opening of the exhibition was last tuesday, and I have to say that I can´t think of anything that could have went better this time. I ´m really satisfied with newspaper articles, and the feedback from the people who have been visiting the show. Thanks to everyone involved. Please see the newspaper articles and photos from the show by clicking on "Info Artist."

Next is a long sculpture course at school and brainstorming for the show in Brussels(at Classic Art House) next September.

Every time after the opening of an exhibition I get this empty feeling, somebody compared it to giving birth.....well I guess there is some likeness there !

But already, I start thinking of new ideas and I have some ideas that feel really brand new to me. So, depression doesn´ t last longer than 2 days :D

We have now exceeded the amount of 50.000 (!!) visitors since last May. That feels really wonderful. Thanks to all you visitors for making this (sometimes ) crazy thing pay off!!!!!!!



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