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Performance Yaron David

Yaron David (Tel Aviv, Israel) - "The Phallic Series" (Performance)

The Phallic Series – Differing in their visual style and context, these three short parts of an ongoing series are united by a phallic theme.
Reproduction, a video documenting a performance, is a fantastical kitschy hybrid of peep show and chemical lab; Mother's Hands contradicts a series of manual exertions with the projected hands of the Mother. The images are reminiscent of figurine theatricals as well as Expressionism and slapstick comedy. The last part, Epilogue, based on collaboration with different artists – powerful women interact with me in a sexy-macabre way (until now I invited Israeli, Irish and Polish artists in few Festivals around Europe and Israel). The meeting with Linda Jakobsson in Pair01 Festival in Lahti was a real surprising and powerful – when I met her, just half an hour before the performance, I knew we can trust our instincts. We could feel the electricity in the air. It was a real gift to trust a great performer, with a magical presence.




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