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Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media ... 47 Followers Member since 2006
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Artworks 2017 4 artworks

Artwork 2016 2 artworks

Works 2013-2015 31 artworks

Works 2011-2012 36 artworks

2009 Drawings 16 artworks

My time in State academy of design and art in St Petersburg spring 2009

Influence and studies of other Artists 8 artworks

Here I want to show how I study masters that I really admire to approve my work and trying to get closer to what I want.......THANK YOU to all these great masters!!! I have learnt so much from you!

Pastels 2008 10 artworks

Studio 8 artworks

This is a collection of works under progress and unedited works, that sooner or later will appear in the galleries for edited and finished works. With this gallery I want to show more of the reality behind the works.....

Paintings 2005 6 artworks