Lesley Braren

Painting, Printmaking ... 30 Followers Member since 2007
East Hampton, CT, United States

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Hi Les ! We miss you!!

Eric Hedberg Connecticut, United States | Jul 28, 2016


Maurice Lucien Fus France | Jul 5, 2015

I love my piece "Bird Cat" - and lovely to find your catalog online! Thanks!

Jude United States | May 21, 2012

Great website and wonderful paintings. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Bransfield United States | Jun 6, 2011

Your paintings and your web site are great, thank you for sharing. Pam

Pam | Jan 5, 2011

peintures dans les impressionnistes; riches en couleurs et refl├ętant l'Ouest des US. Bravo. Gaillard Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Gaillard UCHAUD, France | Oct 25, 2009

Hi Les! Was thinking of you and "googled" you and came to your website. Beautiful artwork. The little "Cranberry Bog" (7/19/97)that hangs in my stair is one of my favorite artworks of all time. Love - Beck

Becky Selter United States | May 27, 2009

What an impressive website and I've always been inspired by the colorful way that you express yourself. Looking forward to your drawing demo!

Carol Hare East Hampton CT, United States | Apr 2, 2009

Lesley is one of my best friends and inspired me to start painting. She is a wealth of information and my mentor. Lesley and I work together Land Surveying for many years and before I began painting Lesley would point out the multiple colors in the sky. Only once I began painting did I understand more clearly what she meant. Thanks Jim

Jim Sheehy United States | Jan 18, 2009

Lesley, your paintings are beautiful!

Mary Cleveland United States | Oct 24, 2008

Beautiful paintings, Lesley, and a very nice website! I like your use of color, especially in your landscapes and beach scenes. Best of luck in your creative endeavors! Bivenne

Bivenne Harvey-Staiger Cromwell Connecticut, United States | Jul 1, 2008

I love your website and I can see why you are so excited about it. I hope that I can do as well. Thank you for your recommendation.

Ann Snow CT, United States | Jun 2, 2008

Hey, Les, Way to go!! Looked up your site the minute I got your note. I couldn't be happier for you! Later... Andy AX7PQ

Andy United States | Jun 7, 2007

What a terrific website! It's a wonderful showcase for your paintings which are also wonderful.

Betsy Rich United States | Feb 1, 2007

Looks great...can't wait to see more!

Deborah Palmer Tennessee, United States | Jan 18, 2007

It's your WEBSite that I was trying to say is SUPER. I love the paintings too. ~Joan

Joan Cole CT, United States | Jan 18, 2007