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Lesley Braren

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Painting 27 Followers Member since 2007
United States
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Earth/Spirit Artwork 41 artworks

Giving voice to the Spirit of the Earth

Oils 6"x8" 26 artworks

Landscape Oils have been painted on location, mostly in Connecticut, Maine and Vermont.

Oils 8"x10" 25 artworks

Plein Air Paintings

Landscape Oil 10 artworks

All Paintings done on location

Oils - Still Life & People 5 artworks

All the still life and people have been done from live poses and actual settings.

Monotypes 18 artworks

Monotypes are oils that are painted on glass and then transferred to paper. Sometimes it's only possible to make one print from the painting and other times there is a second one that's called a "ghost". Rarely a third one would be "ghost 11". Everyone is different.

Watercolors 28 artworks

All Original. My watercolors are done in many different ways. Some are on location and some life poses, others from sketchbooks. I rarely use a photo and if I do it's for a reminder with the painting have little resemblence. All are matted.