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Linda Boisvert DeStefanis

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United States

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Connecticut, United States

Member since Feb 27, 2013
Last modification date : Dec 7, 2018


“I have always considered myself a ‘Fine Artist’ first, even after over 33 years working in the graphic arts industry. From a young age my parents knew how much I loved to draw and paint and encouraged me to express myself. In junior high I was able to take a semi-private oil painting class and by high school I was stretching large canvases to paint on with the help of my carpenter father.
Each time I paint I feel something special draws me to a scene, a watery reflection, billowing clouds, or a child’s delight in the moment. The light and shadows excite me and color adds another dimension as the art evolves. My camera goes with me everywhere. I love capturing beautiful, inspiring images with my camera and have taken hundreds of photographs that I often use as references.
I am primarily a landscape artist who finds myself gravitating to ‘waterscapes’ much of the time. My paintings are realistic where my drawings and prints in the past were more surrealistic. Today I use oils primarily but over the past number of years I developed a love for pastels due to the graphic quality of the pastels and my love for drawing. I am presently taking a 3rd class with Master painter David Dunlop in his 'Experimental' class. I have been working on smooth surfaces including linen and aluminum which is fun and forces me to simplify my images.
As an artist, I always hope that others will share in the beauty I have found as each painting includes a piece of me.”