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This artwork is framed (Floating Frame)

Linda Boisvert Destefanis

Oceanside Beauty (2021)

Artwork Type
One of a kind
30x30 in
Support or surface
Linen Canvas
This artwork is framed (Floating Frame)
Painted from my photos I took when on a jeep trip to the ocean side of Aruba. What an incredibly bumpy ride! I am sure there were at least 1-2 people who should have listened to the danger.. and not gone on this wild ride! The views over the land and sea on this side are worth the bumps! Gorgeous land and great ocean waves! I had to paint this and completed a 12x12" oil on linen first (see the oils gallery).. then, go on to paint this large size. Loved the turquoise colored ocean water!
Linda Boisvert Destefanis
United States

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