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Member since Aug 1, 2016
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Presentation & Biography

Sorin-Niculae Lazar was born on 27.11.1954, in Suceava -Romania.

He graduated from the Faculty of Geology-Geophysics at the University of Bucharest.

In the field of art he was a self-taught artist. Areas covered: photography, digital art, painting and sculpture.

He debuted with a personal digital art exhibition in 2015 in Mangalia

In 2016, he participated, as a guest, in three collective painting exhibitions organized by Artistes sans frontieres, in Romania (Mangalia) and Bulgaria (Balcik and Dobrich).

Starting with 2016,seven collective exhibitions in Constanța  (Dobrogean Artists) 

The artistic creed: "I like to juggle the real and the imaginary."

Influential: Salvador Dali, Carol Nelson


1979-1984 Faculty of Geology-Geophysics Bucharest., Romania

Presented by 7 Art Galleries

Artist value certified: Sorin Niculae Lazar's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification 2020 : €650.00 ($766.29)
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on May 4, 2020.


Sorin Niculae Lazar

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2020 "ALL Abstraction" Competition Winners PAINTINGS And DRAWING CATEGORY Fourth Place Sorin Niculae Lazar for “Sequence” Annapolis, Maryland, United States

2018 Artmajeur Award – category Platinum Romania

Collective Expositions

2016 6 collective exhibitions with "Dobrogeni artists" (in Romania) 3 collective exhibitions with "Artists without borders" (in Romania and Bulgaria) 3 collective exhibitions with "Solteris" (in Romania) Romania

Publications & Press

2016 Appearances with paintings in 3 albums "Dobrogeni artists" Romania