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Layachi HAMIDOUCHE was born in 1947 in Annaba (Algeria).
Final exam in 1965 and superior mathematics (1965-1966).
Professor of Mathematics since October 1966.
The art classes of high school years, drawing with pencil, charcoal, plaster casts and soft shadows and blurred, the gouaches, the portraits of classmates asking the teacher's desk and drawing the dream world specific to the act of drawing is the first seeds that will deliver the first works in 1969.
1968-1969: Registration in paint SCHOOL UNIVERSAL Correspondence PARIS (Boulevard Exelmans)
Then, gradually, "the works were born of necessity" (Rilke) in "referring to a purely internal model" (A. Breton), "the fascination with the elusive, refusing to copy the shows, the will tear up the forms in the world that the painter suffered to bring them in that he governs "(A. Malraux).
After so many years of work, "we realize that we spent all that time making sure of one truth, to express one thing in different faces (A. Camus).
Truth that lies behind "the sum of small lies that each picture represents " (Bonnard).
Several exhibitions have marked its pictorial.
August 1996: Homage to the Office for the culture of the city of Annaba.

From 1999 he incorporates into his work computers and explores the extraordinary promise of grouping the digital painting associated with traditional techniques.

Exhibition on the Web since June 2000.