Laura Lee Gulledge

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New York, NY, United States

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The more I look at your work, the more I think you are some kind of simple quite giant genius.

Obercreative United States | Mar 7, 2013

I admire your art works...! Most of all the creativity of your mind and in putting it on paper and ink.. hope to see more of your works

Red Philippines | Dec 5, 2009

I was trying to find something I like to cover over my crappy old tattoo I got years ago and came across your page. I just wanted to tell you I really like your work!

Sandrine Sandrine Boissle United States | Oct 21, 2009

I really am impressed by your work and very glad that we had the chance work together. Lets go to SOHO one sunny saturday...chow.

Nancy Ray Taylor Brooklyn NY, United States | Nov 10, 2007

J'aime beaucoup. Merci

Just | Sep 1, 2007

Très beau travail, j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites félicitation et bonne chance. henri louette

Louette France | Dec 9, 2006

Laura Lee is a most talented artist!

Jason Franklin Panama | Oct 2, 2005

Laura Lee is a very highly talented artist and a genuine person.

Uday Panama | Oct 17, 2005

Bonjour Laura,remember me? We met in Prague at the restaurant "what's the name again???" and took a walk together in the city. Just to say that you artwork are really nice and that i met a really nice girl. Wish you the best...

Sebastien Roy Sweden | Oct 19, 2005

i really like your post grad mixed media pieces, like the one, "untitled." really interesting- i think it's spooky. at the same time, i feel an asian influence. it makes me think "ghostly ronin" from feudal japan. don't mind me, i'm a weirdo, but dig your stuff! keep up the good work!

Eric United States | Mar 18, 2006

Collages, artwork by Laura Lee Gulledge
©2007 Laura Lee Gulledge
At the office - Collages ©2007 by Laura Lee Gulledge -

Is this for sale?

Annajoanna64 New Jersey, United States | Aug 4, 2012