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About this artwork

Artwork Type Open Edition
Support or surface Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)
Related themes

Photography , Fantasy , art documentaire , fantasia , course de chevaux


La coure du cavalier solitaire. La coure du cavalier solitaire.

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29.5x21.3 in © by Lakmos
le-bouquet.jpg - Painting, 29.5x21.3 in ©2015 by Lakmos - Figurative, figurative-594, Still life, Nature morte, Peinture d'aprés nature, Réalisme
© by Lakmos
pose.jpg - Photography ©2015 by Lakmos - Animals, Photo réalisme
23.6x19.7 in © by Lakmos
l-enigme.jpg - Painting, 23.6x19.7 in ©2014 by Lakmos - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Culture, Suréalisme, culture, Symbolisme
10.6x8.3 in © by Lakmos
composition.jpg - Collages, 10.6x8.3 in ©2014 by Lakmos - Abstract, abstract-570, Plastic, artwork_cat.Abstract Art, Art abstrait, plastique, collage, Médias mixtes
29.5x31.5 in © by Lakmos
Portrait de jeune femme - Painting, 29.5x31.5 in ©2014 by Lakmos - Women, Prismatisme, Batik
24x18.5 in © by Lakmos
aures.jpg - Artcraft, 24x18.5 in ©2014 by Lakmos - Abstract, abstract-570, Canvas, Pop Culture / celebrity, Symboles, Culture, Artisanat, Traditions

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