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L'artiste, c'est celui qui place son âme au coeur de tout ce qu'il fait parce qu'il voit l'essence des gens, des choses et du monde qui l'entoure.

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Hello, my name is Anna, I was born in Armenia, and grew up in Russia. At the moment I live in Moscow where I'm making my artworks, which I consider to be the essence of my life.
Since school, I was attracted to the world of colors and art. But it is not surprising that the love of painting arose through the writer's perception of the world. I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old, thanks to literature, I realized that the world of any art requires a lot of time. the world of painting turned out to be an art that not only takes time, but also takes you away from others, and it is completely magical. There was a time when I wrote a poem for each picture, but over time this went away and only painting remained.
Throughout my life, I’m always trying to analyze and understand everything that was happening around me and put it somewhere far away in my imagination and brain. I always knew that it would be transferred to the canvas. The whole work process requires honesty, purity, and love... Infinite love...
I’ve chosen the style of painting that allows me not to listen to everyone and be completely free in my paintings. Of course, this is an abstraction! Because abstraction is here and now! This is pure emotion! An emotion that is translated into pictures...

Anna Laidani

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