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Carrboro, North Carolina, United States

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North Carolina, United States

Member since Sep 19, 2003
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For years and years I felt like a new piece of bread, but now, bot now, I feel like a blind banana. -FCS

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Early Years I was raised by elves at the Icelandic coast. There she taught me to fish and be invisible. Some of my fondest memories of swimming and sailing in the waters of Bay Bluetooth. One day while sailing a strong current drawn across the ocean and I finished on the beach in New Jersey, where I soon a great job at an arcade on the Boardwalk. Another strong current led me to the university in the American Midwest, where I learned to fish Ice and command dog sledding. After this little adventure that I have gone to New York City where I started a dance company for small dogs. I built a small nest egg and went to southern California where I got a job as a wandering yogi. It was a period of immense change and a challenge to my very soul. While wandering I heard that Trenton, New Jersey had become the art capital of the western hemisphere. I was not surprised. I walked to Trenton and there began my artistic studies.


Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Mpls Minnesota

The College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ
Fine Arts program

TC Columbia University
New York, NY

Macalester College
St. Paul, MN

Wroxton College
Oxfordshire UK