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North Carolina, United States

beginning (2005)
Photography (Several sizes available)


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©2005 by Hal Studholme
Minnesota Marching Band - Photography ©2005 by Hal Studholme - musician minnesota state fair 2005 august high school marchinng band
©2009 by Hal Studholme
Mr Hixy - Photography ©2009 by Hal Studholme - a photo of Hixie the dog in Holland, Michigan
©2005 by Hal Studholme
what the dickens ? - Photography ©2005 by Hal Studholme - light dark black white luz oscar wilde
©2011 by Hal Studholme
in the dirt - Photography ©2011 by Hal Studholme - the Cuban food stand near where Hal lives in Florida
©2005 by Hal Studholme
Ducati - Photography ©2005 by Hal Studholme - flippy silly string theorey monkey nuggets wisdom goo
©2010 by Hal Studholme
Michigan - Photography ©2010 by Hal Studholme - a photograph of a shadow on the snow in Michigan

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery Center.

Digital Photography, Non Manipulated Photography
Support or surface

a photo of a small squirrel in my park lends itself to looking at the universe and so on and so forth one one day in Loring Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Photography by Hal Studholme (United States), Digital Photography on Paper. Its dimensions are 20.3x25.4 cm. This artwork is part of the gallery Center. Framing options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

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