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©2006 by Hal Studholme
Global Concerns - Photography ©2006 by Hal Studholme - space alien flags world ufo
©2009 by Hal Studholme
Michigan Dunes - Photography ©2009 by Hal Studholme - a photograph from the top of a Michigan Dune in the winter
©2019 by Hal Studholme
Amerikanische Zugfahrt - Photography ©2019 by Hal Studholme - Abstract, abstract-570, Light, train, American, guide, lights, floor, Amtrak, lahtzu, Studholme, halmarked, dots, Michigan, Chicago, Union, Station, Amerikanische Zugfahrt
©2004 by Hal Studholme
Antibacterial Soap - Photography ©2004 by Hal Studholme - animal toy
©2005 by Hal Studholme
Ears - Photography ©2005 by Hal Studholme - bunny head ear white toy stuffed small rabbit hal halmarked series cell phone lil
©2006 by Hal Studholme
1972 - Photography ©2006 by Hal Studholme - american buffet dining food comida

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This artwork is part of the gallery Center.

Digital Photography

While sitting in a parking lot in St Paul, Minnesota I noticed a shadow. I had just been at a festival provided by the Summit Brewery next door. I needed a break from the mayhem and found the light and shadow on a leaf as the means to leave the beer drinkers at a distance.

Photography by Hal Studholme (United States), Digital Photography. Its dimensions are 20.3x25.4 cm. This artwork is part of the gallery Center. Framing options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

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