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North Carolina, United States

Photography (Several sizes available)


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©2012 by Hal Studholme
vacation - Photography ©2012 by Hal Studholme - photo taken in Cleveland by Hal Studholme
©2007 by Hal Studholme
like a dumb dream - Photography ©2007 by Hal Studholme - Land Art, land-art-957, Tree, tree, toycamera, lahtzu, Studholme, Hals, dreamy, story, book, once, upon, a, time, American, halmarked
©2007 by Hal Studholme
but i think - Photography ©2007 by Hal Studholme - ceiling fan elf haus
©2006 by Hal Studholme
le ciel est mon toit - Photography ©2006 by Hal Studholme - dog le ciel est mon toit
©2011 by Hal Studholme
results - Photography ©2011 by Hal Studholme - a photograph of a chair in front of the drunken monkey cafe in orlando florida
©2006 by Hal Studholme
Math Tower - Digital Arts ©2006 by Hal Studholme - ice cream cone surreal dada vanilla apple chill astreet fair

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This artwork is part of the gallery Center.

Analog photography
Support or surface

While an art student in Trenton I was looking for subject matter for my Black and White photography course. while in Lambertville, New JerseyI came across a store that sold strange and dated toys and other such things. These things captured my attention

Photography by Hal Studholme (United States), Analog photography on Paper. Its dimensions are 20.3x25.4x0.3 cm. This artwork is part of the gallery Center. Framing options are available for this artwork, please contact us for details.

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