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Bio {lady caviar} Vigier Virginie 27.12.1970 Marseille ladycaviar 2003/2006 Painter. Orders and exposures personal and collective. 2000/2001 DA junior for the company Psychonet 1999/2000 Design and realization of Internet sites, flyers, posters (private individuals and companies) Assistant for the decorator Didier Pierret. Decorations of stand for shows of villepinte + ravelled pieces of furniture. 1998/1999 Webmaster ( and ) Management of a center of formation Internet LMI-FILNET(entreprises and private individuals) 1997/1998 Dancer interprets Décoratrice on porcelain 1992/1997 Dancer and choreographer (companies, show TV, ravelled pieces of furniture, spectacles of street) Professor of dance (conservatory dance and music, schools, asso law 1901) Arrival in Marseilles in September 2001 History to have accés at the horizon. Painted and exposes since 2003: - December 2003. Bar St Jacques. Evening short film and painting. - May 2004. Beautiful Lafriche of May. Evening Payskool 3. - June 2004. Bar St Jacques for Aperitif his - November 2004. The room of mills. Evening Beats and breakfast with Fakir zoï- - Mars 2005 and in a permanent way in Dupex, street Haxo 13001 - May 2005. The Podium (street of the building site). Does evening art limp about it? - Octobre05/mars06 Expo at the restaurant the Factory - Décembre05/février06 Expo at the restaurant "a very small world" - Mars 2006: expo restaurant HOY street 1 haxo 13001 - Exposure to the year: The Court street Gringnan 13006 Place of storage now: Showroom Stephane Paoli, 68 holy street. Marseilles Paris and others - December 2004. Space Cinko. Gallery passage Choiseul Paris 2 ieme. - October 2004 Salon of Contemporary art the Unexpected ones. - June 2004. 3 ième Symposium of painting Places Dauphine. - February 2005. A fabric appeared in the telefilm: Marie thérè and in thè or coffee. - February 2006 Fabric "Toxic" in film "or I had the head?" productions Wednesday Films FORMATION: Office automation Cape-bep (I believe) Legal capacity. Diploma of state of professor of dance


banksy, vinci, warhol, hoper, magritte, dali, hirst, caravage


2003-2024 autodidacte Paris, Marseill, Clermont Ferrand, France

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