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Khusro Subzwari Born October 1, 1957 in Karachi.

Khusro subzwari paintings

Khusro subzwari paintings are popular globally and have been well acknowledged by various states. His background in engineering proved as an asset while he created marvelous paintings. He has a sound authority on balance, form, composition coupled with textures and creativity while painting. His paintings can be found in almost every corner of the world. People enjoy his painting for its beautiful colors, texture and theme. Khusro’s floral and Sufi paintings are very much enjoyed locally in Pakistan and internationally as well. Khusro adds depth to his work as his paintings have a 3d effect.

His paintings are frequently being discussed as having a spiritual calm and forces the viewers into exploring the inner self. Looking at his paintings one can find admirable beauty in the vibrant color selection.

Thematic of Khusro Subzwari paintings elevate the entire room. Khusro loves taking inspiration from nature and is fond of painting durveshes that symbolize spirituality and love. You can find the paintings of khusro subzwari for sale at Clifton Art Gallery Karachi, Pakistan.

His Career

Having initial education in engineering from NED University in 1981 khusro participated in art related events in his teens. It was in those events when in 1978 Khusro Subzwari Painting received 2nd Price from Ismail Gulgee. Soon he realized that he has a natural connection with art. Khusro initially came into the limelight at the time of flood relief in 2010 when his paintings were exhibited to fund the cause.

Painting Sizes

Khusro Subzwari Paintings come in almost every size from small to large 12x12, 18 x 24, 24 x 24, 24 x 30, 30 x 36, 42 x 72, 60 x 84 and others.



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