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chin kong yee

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Painting, Photography 52 Followers Member since 2002
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The Flower 10 Images

A Closer Look at ‘The Flower’ There are a couple of facets to the enjoyment of Chin Kong Yee’s works. First, and the most evident, is the visual pleasure that his paintings bring. Saccharine yellows flirt with lush cobalt blues on the canvas, and swirling landscapes send the eyes on a kaleidoscopic viewing journey that has become the artist’s signature offering. Less obvious, though, are the subtle nuances that make up each work. There are the personal tales and precise moments in time when the...

Infinite Canvas 16 Images

Infinite Canvas illustrates various city landscapes which wholly depicts the essence of Kuala Lumpur life. The body of work within this exhibition consist of 5 pieces of 2 panels each, which can be placed interchangeably to allow for 12 possible arrangements. Having held his first solo exhibition entitled ‘Undulating Spaces’ with Wei-Ling Gallery (then known as the Townhouse Gallery) in 2003, he has progressively moved forward through the years with solo shows such as ‘Cerulean Skies’, ‘Reality...

New Landscapes 11 Images

New Landscapes features four new large paintings by Chin Kong Yee. Landscapes, are a theme that Kong Yee has always been fascinated with. In this suite of paintings he has managed to push the boundaries of his art-making by looking at how one painting(on two canvases) can be reconfigured to create a whole new scene ,and thus change the thrust of what is initially seen by the viewer.This versatility and innovation stems from his desire to create works which are multifaceted and displays his a...

Reality in Wonderland 14 Images

CHIN KONG YEE: THE MASTER OF BEGUILING DISTORTIONS by Francis DassIt is good to see Chin Kong Yee's star rising again on everyone's radar with his latest and very compelling exhibition, titled "Reality in Wonderland", at Wei-Ling Gallery. Eleven wondrous new oil paintings are being showcased this time. Looking at his new works, I do indeed get a sense of reality in wonderland, which has to be the most apt title for this exhibition. The structures in his paintings are real -- but there's Kong...

face 10 Images


Day and Night 16 Images

Chin Kong Yee’s photographies display his continuous search to capture his own experience of a time and place. The linear structure of his images appears to mock all traditional rules of painting. His compositions testify to a high level of confidence, in which the artist frees himself from his everyday vision. They are photographic montages, he delivers parcels of reality. With a surrealistic spirit, he works with multiple perspectives and superimposes objects and layers (so that the borders b...