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Kristen Ettensohn

Painting, Drawing 3 Followers Member since 2005
United States


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Hi Kristen I know you don't know me but your father is my doctor. He is a great doctor and I like him very much. I want you to know I pray for you every day. I say the shama which is a Jewish prayer. I love your art and I would love to meet you. I want you to get better real soon please. Baruch Hashem, it means G_d bless you. Your friend Jamison

Jamison Evans United States | Jun 12, 2010

Hi, Kristen, I never knew you were an artist either!! I always think of you as the medical student or are multi-faceted. Your works here are wonderful...have you ever shared them with Jessie (your artistic Mich. cousin)? I know she'd appreciate them, too. How have you been feeling, sweetie? While you looked well at Laura's wedding - you were whooping it up on the dance floor! - I've since found out that your cancer has returned. Will you be having more surgery, radiation, and maybe chemo? I will keep you in my prayers. (((((HUGS))))) Take care, and God bless! Love, your Aunt Betsy

Betsy Ettensohn United States | Sep 26, 2009

Love your work! Hope you will continue to give us new art that's so enjoyable to look at-- a celebration of life'scolor, vibrancy, and forms.gregory

gregory shyne United States | Jun 22, 2006