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Katja Vartiainen/KatArtPics

Painting 14 Followers Member since 2018
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Expansion Earth 3 artworks

These paintings came from stillness. As the Expansion Space gallery paintings, they are contemplations of inner and outer space. It seems at times that distance is almost illusionary and patterns repeat in micro and macrocosms. Solid things are paradoxically filled with space and are actually a movement. It is strange what direction one's brush will take. What length of brush trace makes an identifiable form, and how can one push the limits of a painting so that the image is not strictly def...

Mindscapes - Watercolor Paintings 8 artworks

These are my nature, tree, and landscape inspired watercolor paintings. I call them Mindscapes, because they reach beyond the seen world into the dimension of unseen, intuited, felt, dreamed.

Animals and Creatures -watercolor paintings 3 artworks

This gallery is dedicated to my works that include some sort of animals, and other creatures. The background is meaningful in them as well. You can see the connection with my Mindscape--gallery.

Cats 6 artworks

I love cats. Here my interpretations of them.

Expansion Space 4 artworks

Acrylic paintings about inner and outer space.