Jutta Blühberger (Faith Dance Art)

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Strobl, Austria


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Strobl, Austria

Member since Jul 4, 2019
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When the muse comes, let her find me at work.

Presentation & Biography

Jutta Blühberger is an artist, cultural anthropologist, author and translator from Vienna. Currently, she lives in the province of Salzburg. Already in her youth, there were signs of her artistic talent. But only after a long hiatus, she began to work artistically again in 1998. In the first years, she mostly painted watercolor paintings. Since then she has constantly developed her artistic skills and forms of expression. Her studies at the Leonardo Art Academy in Salzburg (2013-2015) contributed to it. Presently, her artistic focus is painting with pigments. A relatively unknown but ancient variant of this is the cold wax painting technique with pigments. This should not be confused with the “hot” version of wax painting or encaustics. Her colorful paintings with remarkable color harmony are splashes of color that light up every room and do the soul good.  Spiritual themes in her paintings and blog entries give you food for thought. Jutta Blühberger’s works are part of private collections on several continents.

Artist's biography

May 1998 – weekend course in Germany, start of watercolour painting.

Dec 1999 – first exhibition of her paintings during a book exhibition in Stockerau, Lower Austria

Oct 2011 – first solo exhibition with vernissage in Vienna, Austria, under the guidance of Milan Krkoska  – "Pictures from 3 Worlds - African, European, Spiritual in Watercolour and Pastel".

Sept 2013 – start of 2-year art studies at the Leonardo Academy of Fine Arts (part-time) under Prof. Hannes Baier

Nov 2013 – solo exhibition at CVJM Vienna, Austria - "In 30 Bilder um die Erde" (Watercolour Landscapes)

Sept-Oct 2014 – solo exhibition in the Atrium, Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria - "Tanz der Bäume - feststehend und doch bewegt" (Dance of the trees - fixed and yet moving)

Nov 2014 – exhibition in the Evangelical Church Graz-Eggenberg, Styria - "Dance of the Trees - fixed and yet moving". 

March/April 2015 – group exhibition of nine Christian artists from Austria - "... on the road ..." at the Galerie Nöfa in Wels, Upper Austria 

November 2015 – final exhibition of the Kunstakademie-Ausbildung, at Schloss Mattsee

February 2016 – exhibition at Café Kronberg, Scharten, "Lebenswege", together with Dr. Wolfgang Steinmaurer, opening by DI Markus Nöttling

2013-2018 – annually changing permanent exhibition in the CFA seminar room, Breitenaich, Upper Austria

Sept-Dec 2019 – exhibition at the Kuchltheater in Bad Ischl, "Austrian lakescapes in painting knife technique" 


2008-2016 PhD in Interkulturellen Studien Pasadena, CA, United States
2013-2015 Zertifikat "Bildnerische Gestaltung - Malerei und Grafik" Mattsee, Austria
1996-2005 MA in Interkulturellen Studien Pasadena, CA, United States

Solo Expositions

2015 "Seenlandschaften" Weißbriach, Austria

2014 „Tanz der Bäume – feststehend und doch bewegt“ Graz, Austria

2014 „Tanz der Bäume – feststehend und doch bewegt“ Bad Schallerbach, Austria

2013 "In 30 Bildern um die Erde“ (Aquarell-Landschaften) Wien, Austria

2011 "Bilder aus 3 Welten – Afrikanisches, Europäisches, Geistliches in Aquarell und Pastell" Wien, Austria

1999 Christliche Bücherausstellung Stockerau, Austria

Collective Expositions

2016 „Lebenswege“ Scharten, Austria

2015 "Abschlussausstellung Kunststudium" Mattsee, Austria

2015 „… unterwegs …“ Wels, Austria

Permanent Collections

2018 "Zur Freiheit berufen" Breitenaich, Austria

2017 "Zur Freiheit berufen" Breitenaich, Austria

2016 "Zur Freiheit berufen" Breitenaich, Austria

2015 "In 20 Bildern um die Erde" Breitenaich, Austria

2013 "Tanzender Glaube" Breitenaich, Austria