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Juarez Hawkins

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Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media ... 20 Followers Member since 2006
United States
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Perceptuary: Abstract Sculpture 11 artworks

I've taken a leap outside of my comfort zone with this stuff, but oh what fun. The word "perceptuary" is a combination of "perception" and "sanctuary". I'm exploring the idea of home, be it a bricks-and-mortar domicile, or a metaphor for the body. The inspiration for this idea stems from insect nests, animal burrows, and non-Western forms of housing (such as adobe structures).

Masks - Ceramic and Mixed Media 24 artworks

A selection of my masks. The earlier ones are plaster laid over wire mesh. More recent ones are made from stoneware, which is easier on my tender skin than that wire mesh! All are from the Tribe Series.

Busts and Figurative Pots 23 artworks

A sampling of my clay busts and figurative pots. The images in the busts just come through to me as I am working on them. The pots are made with a nod to the wonderful potters of West Africa.

Mixed Media Boxes 10 artworks

A selection of current works, exploring expression in assemblage. Works combine painting, sculpture, and found objects.

Paintings - Portraits 9 artworks

Some of my portraits, of myself as well as faces I find interesting. I love working in alkyds (fast-drying oils), but have recently taken up acrylics as well. Most are painted with a knife, though recently I've picked up my brushes again. Enjoy!