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Born in Bilbao in 1954, Jose Ramon Muro began painting from his early childhood, but it was at age 22 when he decided to present his first solo exhibition. At this time he was a pupil of the Basque painter José Luis Aldecoa, but his technical training influenced his painting framed in pop art with a tendency towards hyperrealism.

Without leaving the painting, it had times of greater dedication to other artistic facets like the documentary cinema, the photography combining these alternatives with the dedication in its main professional activity as Engineer. This economic independence made his passion for painting not contaminated by commercial purposes and passing trends.

Figurative painting

On the border of hyperrealism, natural landscapes, urban landscapes, portraits and other more classic framed within imaginative realism are some of his most outstanding works.

Exhibitions and painting competitions:

Since 2010, he takes up his dedication with painting and his art is evolving, beginning then for him a period of prosperity, participating in international competitions, art fair exhibitions and attending workshops with the most outstanding Spanish realist painters of this time.

Pictorial style trends

The stages of José Ramón Muro's life are reflected in his works, particularly in the imaginative realism of classical touches, a genre that the artist cultivated throughout his career.

José Ramón Muro will be remenbered, especially for his masterful paintings on the border with hyperrealism, for the meticulous preparation of the chosen theme, a refined technique, a careful composition and the inclusion of nuances that enrich the perspective on the whole. The well-defined vanishing lines that emphasize the perspective in addition to great contrasts are a general style present in his paintings. In the creations of the last years, the painter raises all his achievements to the level of maturity, the style achieved through years and effort, and manifests an absolute mastery of pictorial techniques.


Caravaggio, Richard Estes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Velazquez

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