Joyce Owens

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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Bravo, congratulations! This is amazing, wow!

Viorel Florin Costea (DadaVFC) Romania | Apr 14, 2021

What a wonderful time conversing about our high school and college experiences. I hope the opportunity presents again for us to chat. (June 15,2015 Just Lookin Gallery)

Elizabeth Shanton Gibbstown New Jersey, United States | Jun 16, 2015

Hi Joyce - wonderful to meet you and your wonderful spouse this past weekend in Hagerstown. Mary and I enjoyed your company, learning many new things and hopefully earned new friends.

Charles Carrier United States | Jun 15, 2015

Bravo l'Artiste !!!

Tegas France | Apr 28, 2015

ça laisse du potentiel pour l'avenir à admirer, avec ce talent ça promet.

Bertrand Domin Happonvilliers, France | Dec 12, 2014

Marvellous gallery ! Big originality! Excuse my very bad English language! Bravo !

Gipéhel Chauny, France | Nov 9, 2014

you have a beautiful gallery i love your sculptural work and your painting . Congratulations you have a lot of talent

Valérie Perrault France | Oct 15, 2014

Thank you for sharing Joyce

Donnie United States | Jun 13, 2013

It is always amazing to me that I seem to only learn of artists through some act of serendipity. I am thrilled to have finally learned of the beauty and intellect of Joyce Owens.

Noreen Winningham United States | Feb 17, 2013

Juarez recently made me aware of your web site as an example of a well constructed and effective site. So glad she did! I appreciate your art even more because I've seen more. Keep Monroe working on the kitchen rehab so that he can create dishes that inspire you. I'm looking to add one or more of your pieces to my/my wife's budding collection. When Juarez finishes my new logo and corporate identity items, I keep you informed. I'm looking to one day soon represent emerging or "under-renown, under-known, under-valued, under-appreciated" contemporary African American artists. Are you entered in "Gallery D'Estee" this March? Stephen Carter aka BlackButterfly.

Blackbutterfly United States | Jan 1, 2013

I just love your work! I also attended Howard University College of Fine Arts. My father Dr. Albert J.Carter was the curator I'm married to Bernard W. Brooks (watercolorist/mixed media artist.

Gwendolyn Aqui-Brooks United States | Aug 28, 2012

Met you during the National Alliance Conference in St. Louis (I'm the one with the silver sculpture-like ear rings). So glad I looked at your site. Your work is fantastic. Hope we can keep in touch.

Linda M. United States | Jul 29, 2012

call me 917 612 9966

Robert E. United States | Jul 18, 2012

I'm in Tucson on a quick vacation, showing your work to my friend.

Nancy Charak United States | Jun 13, 2012

Your art is beautiful! Your use of your materials evokes a deeper level of emotion - thank you

Myra Kooy United States | Dec 27, 2011

Really beautiful, the style has a 1940ish feel. It is a feeling I get from the colors and the clothing. I love your pallette. kim

Kim United States | Dec 8, 2011

Love your work! Thanks for sharing your website w/me. If you ever have an exhibit in the Hampton Roads, VA area, please let me know! Peace and continued blessings!

Donna D United States | Jul 25, 2011


'Lil United States | Mar 13, 2011

Hello Joyce: I met you on March 19, 2000 at a mutual friends home. You sketched a picture of me and my husband that evening and they are two of the most precious portraits I possess. When I look in my husband's eyes, I see just how much he loves me. You captured that for me .... I am forever grateful to you. Diane

Diane L. United States | Jan 31, 2011

Looking forward to seeing your exhibit at the Art Museum Of Greater Lafayette!

Richard United States | Jan 20, 2011

Powerful work!

Joey Dott United States | Nov 24, 2010

Your work is wonderful.

Ray United States | Aug 27, 2010

Your work is absolutely representative of our African experience and I admire your dedication to preserving our history and the memory of those on whose shoulders we stand today. Thanks.

David G Wilson Jamaica, New York New York, United States | Aug 12, 2010

Joyce, Your art reflect on your richness as a person,on your pride as an African American, and on being a citizen of the world. Please continue to Bless us with your work. Dan Parker

Daniel T. United States | Jun 15, 2010

Love your work.

Julius Stanley United States | May 2, 2010

hello ms. anderson

Dyann Wynn United States | Mar 15, 2010

I fully enjoyed viewing your work, its colors, compositions, and various forms using multiple figures, faces, masks. and paintings. Keep up the excellent and inspiring work.

Barbara Hogu United States | Feb 24, 2010

I love the color and vibrance in your paintings and the inspiring messages within your blog!

Jasmine Rose United States | Jan 10, 2010

Hello Joyce, I spoke with you in the stairwell @ School on Monday and you invited me to sit in on your class next semester. I just wanted to say that looking at your artwork (the spirit series) makes me think of my grandmother. They evoke smells, dialog, and sounds of the south. Thank You, JRS

Jackie R. United States | Dec 8, 2009

Joyce, Your work is such an inspiration! I found you navigating through Chicago art networks and starting reading your blogs. I sat for a good while and read many of your posts and they all are so enlightening! Thank you for being you and doing YOU - I have learned so much simply taking in your insight. Love your work! The full-length portraits are so warm and emotional. May God continue to use you...

David Niari United States | Sep 15, 2009