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A Touch of the Poet

4626 N. Knox

Friday 5 March 2010
Sunday 2 May 2010

The IAHC presents a group art exhibit, A Touch of the Poet this spring at the IAHC. Artist Laura Coyle is the curator of the exhibit.

As many as 40 artists create art based on the work of an Irish writer. The art is mixed media, including paintings, sculptures and photography. Keeping with the literary theme, the artists’ incorporate a verse or passage of the writer they choose.

Writers whose work will be featured by the artists include: William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Jonathan Swift, Darrell Figgis, Seamus Heaney, Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis and Katharine Tynan.

Some of the artists participating in the exhibit are: Gena Pepich Andreasen, Catherine Crane Bath, Bart Bjorneberg, Sharon Bladholm, Alan Brunettin, Ray Cavanaugh, Laura Coyle, Frank Crowley, Barbara Robertson Domino, Ken Gold, Saren Thorne Hauser, Fletcher Hayes, Tim Hurley, Virginia Hurley, Layne Jackson, Karen Jacobsen, Robert Kamezcura, Donna June Katz, Kathy Kelly, Pauline Kochanski, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, James Mesple, BettyAnn Mocek, Megan Murphy, Dennis O’Malley, Laurin D. Notheisen, Mary K. O’Shaughnessy, Joyce Owens, Joel Pace, Corinne D. Peterson, Judy Robins, Tom Robinson, Beth Shadur, Keith J. Taylor, Charlie B. Thorne, Loralyn Kumlin Tornheim, George Weissler, Charles Van Guilder and Jill Zylke.

A Touch of the Poet is Friday, March 5 through Saturday, April 3, 2010. There will be a free opening night reception on March 5 from 6-9pm. Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 pm or by appointment. To make an appointment, call Frank Crowley at 773-612-6584.




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