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Joyce Owens

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Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media ... 137 Followers Member since 2005
United States
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Paintings 17 artworks

I hope you enjoy my work. I am a painter who likes to work towards a third dimension. I include elements that extend the space towards the viewer...some take years, as I add new passages, removing some and refining the work as long as it is in my hands...

Gwendolyn Brooks commission for Gwendolyn Brooks Library at Chicago State University, recently. 10 artworks

Here are a few of the art works people have asked me to create.

Sculpture3 Dimensional art works 13 artworks

These sculptural works are made of wood with metals, beads and other materials. I have other sculptural works made of canvas.

Sculpture 26 artworks

I sculpt with canvas, wood and other materials.

Paintings address race and gender 34 artworks

Paintings with collage on canvas and acrylics addressing issues around race and gender. As subject matter represented in the cultural discourse people of color have a place. When we are not shown we seem not to have existed.

Traditional and experimental 12 artworks

Experimentation is my middle name.

Out of the Box series 31 artworks

These paintings are dramatic renditions of the black middle class men and women shown in photographs during the Paris Exposition in 1900 only 35 years after Emancipation from American slavery! Although not a secret, this historic segment of the American population is not widely acknowledged. There is a depth to our African American ancestry that we need to be able to build on; the wooden box is a symbol that can both hold the truth and tell the truth. I utilize my drawing and painting skills to...

Constructions/Assemblage 30 artworks

Masks intrigue me. All cultures seem to have some history of mask-making. I adopted this form to express ideas I care about and to indulge my need to use hand tools. And people intrigue me as well....I like going between representation and abstract forms to express similar ideas.

Angels and more 17 artworks

I work all the time and like to present new work here before it is sold. Sometimes that can't happen so I will show it to you even when I no longer have it to sell. I hope you ENJOY! Let me know by emailing me or grading the work or contacting me to commission work for you. Thanks so much!!!

Paintings 26 artworks

What if Black faces had been seen in historic paintings (instead of only white faces) and presented as beautiful centuries ago? This gallery shows a variety of images. All of my work has to with how people of African descent are perceived. I want to change that perception by allowing people to think a different way. The art of any culture helps to explain the culture. If caricatures of black face minstrels and minkey-like faces are all we see then that is how people will believe we actually...

Drawings 14 artworks

Survivor Spirits 41 artworks

These images of Survivor Spirits exist in the golden light of their glowing inner strength as beacons of hope and examples of endurance to us all. The progeny of African slaves can be proud to be the red-blooded proof that the slaves were able to survive against all attempts to annihilate them.

Pillars 10 artworks

This is a detail of the painting The Queen of York Street, another in the Pillars series, that depicts an everyday, common African American women who helped to build her community and the Unted States of America, by her hard labor.