Artwork signed by the artist
This artwork is framed (Frame + Under Glass)
476 x 628 px
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THE ROAD of LIFE (2018)

About this artwork
Artwork Type
One of a kind
26.8x20.5 in
Support or surface
This artwork is framed (Frame + Under Glass)

As we travel down different ROADS of LIFE, some at the end can lead to HAPPINESS, some SADDNESS ,some ETERNAL LOVE...

This work is a unique original work of art - Painting by Joseph Urie (United Kingdom), Oil on Paper. The work has a non-standard shape, Its dimensions are 68x52x1 cm. The artist's signature is present on the artwork. This artwork is part of the gallery Latest Artworks. This artwork is framed

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14.6x18.1 in
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19.7x15.8 in
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15x10.2 in
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13.4x9.8 in
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