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Jon Phillipson Brown

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Painting, Drawing 15 Followers Member since 2009
United Kingdom
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O how my heart is lifted! 15 Images

The first blossom to appear on the trees in February reminds me that spring will soon be here. Every year I feel a little down during the long, dark days of winter and so throughout January and February I look forward to seeing the first blossom come out on the trees in the orchard. It so lifts my heart to see. In this series of paintings I am trying to create a harmony between the fresh, exuberant vitality of the blossom, the elation I feel within on seeing it, and an energetic, gestural h...

Tenby Drawings 4 Images

A much needed break saw us on holiday in Tenby, South Wales for a few days.

Gijón Aquarium Drawings 7 Images

We spent a happy afternoon drawing in the aquarium in Gijón.

Trees 8 Images

La Vista Consciente 14 Images

LA VISTA CONSCIENTE (The Conscious View) “La Vista Consciente” was an exhibition of paintings that toured three Spanish cities: Mieres, Avilés and Gijón in 2010. In the paintings synthetic, rectilinear shapes contrast sharply with organic forms. Broad swathes of primary colours give way to shadows, broken colour and glimpses of tighter, more specific, photographic details. Some paintings show walls, here and there divided by a drainpipe or other architectural feature. They are decorated...

Landscapes 26 Images

Other Themes 11 Images